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Business Proposal

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General company description

"It's a dog thing!" it's a company that will provide dogs clothing and accessories using the Internet as a selling distribution.

Mission statement:

"It's a dog thing!" aim to retail and distribute unique customize dog apparel at affordable prices. "It's a dog thing!" always has that perfect gift for your own or someone else's four legged friends. Don't let your dog be wagged behind.

Company goals and objectives:

Our goals are to grow in this niche market thus aim to attain a high market share, doing so, will help the company achieve the main goal which is to be a market leader in this field.

Our objective is to obtain our annual sales targets and to increase the company's profit margins; this will help us achieve our goal. Another important objective is to meet customers specific needs in order to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Business philosophy:

In this business what's important is to stay positive and to liaise together as a team in order to solve any problems that may occur and to make important business decisions.

Target market:

The target market would be dog owners of all ages. The products will be set at affordable prices for customers that are seeking the lifestyle of the upper class person.

(to be continued... this time next week)

Products and services

Products & Services

Wholesale Cost Selling Price

T-Shirts (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј8.99 Ј14.99

Vest Tops (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј8.99 Ј14.99

Polo Shirts (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј13.99 Ј22.99

Hooded Tops (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј11.99 Ј21.33

Name Tags (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј1.99 Ј5.99

Crystal Band Collars (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј15.99 Ј25.99

Sparkling Collars (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј19.99 Ј10.99

Leads (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј9.99 Ј29.99

Boots (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј14.99 Ј30.00

Bags (Various Colours & Sizes) Ј9.99 Ј17.99

Necklace (Various) Ј14.99 Ј24.99

Silver Necklace (Various) Ј54.99 Ј75.00

Hair Accessories (Various) Ј0.50 Ј3.00

Tiara Ј7.99 Ј14.99



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