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Business Model and Strategic Plan

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Essay Preview: Business Model and Strategic Plan

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Business Model and Strategic Plan

Christopher Owen


April 14, 2015

Greg Abrams

Executive Summary

Sunray Seats is an organization that has developed a vehicle child restraint seat that not only ensures the safety of the child during transportation but also addresses the concerns associated with hyperthermia from being left in a car. Sunray Seats has been able to successfully develop a product that will protect the child as well as notify parents of the child’s location and condition. Integrated with state of the art sensors our car seat will activate a cooling mechanism at a set temperature, and maintain that level until help arrive. Since no other product exists on the market today an accelerated marketing plan to sell and distribute the Cool-Ride system is a priority.

On average 39 children perish from vehicular heat related injure annually. With hundreds of stories and faces of children who have died needlessly in the car, Sunray Seats strives to ensure that no other child suffers from this fact and that families need not go through the agony associated with this particular death. While attempting to influence parental behavior may seem like a likely course of action, the Cool-ride system intervenes when those influences fail. Much like a vehicle air-bag, no one plans on being involved in a car accident and needing to use it. However mistakes are made and vehicle air-bags save Hundreds of lives a year as so will the cool-ride system. Marketing the Cool-ride system will be based upon that “What if” premise. Individuals may first see this product as a potential luxury item, however with extensive research and massive market campaigns this product has the ability to become a mandatory item for all child safety seats.

Materials for the product are developed in Japan as well as the United States and are all certified for use in the Cool-ride system. Completion of the product will take place within the United States permitting growth in our economy and generate a positive image for the company.  

As the technology advances so will the development of the Cool-Ride systems.  We have several additional applications lined up for our product and as new technology becomes available our product will grow, potentially having the ability to operate in homes or offices. The applications are endless with Cool-ride systems.

Existing Business or New Business Division; Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition  

Any car sitting in the sun when the air temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit will reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes. Placing a child in this heat will not only upset the child but leaving her in this environment is potentially dangerous. Vehicular heat stroke poses a threat to children of all ages, however over 81% of all children who died from heat stroke were three years of age or younger. The child’s inability to help themselves at this age posed a direct problem that Sunray Seats set out to resolve. Our team has developed an infant car seat that is equipped with a built in air conditioning unit. The car seat base that is mounted directly below an infant seat is designed to hold the air conditioning unit; this cooling unit will be compatible with our different styles of infant car seats, as well as function as a base for existing infant seat models already on the market.

Our design utilizes the base for infant seats and modifies it to be a useful space to store the Cool-Ride unit. The Air is set at steady 75 degrees create a comfortable environment for the child. The Cool-Ride unit forces air through the ventilation tubes designed into the Infant Car Seat directing the cool air at the child’s head and body, ensuring the child does not suffer from heatstroke.

This model was chosen as it permits use in all years and models of cars available on the market. Powered by an internal power source the Cool-Ride system not only functions as an emergency system but can also function as a normal cooling unit for days when the vehicle is extremely hot.  Infant car seats have an ability to upset children due to the necessary restrictions generated by the safety harnesses. This accompanied by the heat generated from a closed car will stress out a child to the point of crying and screaming, raising the body temperature of the child and lower the ability for the driver to stay calm. The Cool-Ride system also has the ability to create a comfortable environment for the child when being placed in a hot car. This removes that added stress and allows the parent to focus on driving rather than the upset child in the backseat.

Our Vision

We create the safest environment for the transportation of children.

The most important aspect of Sunray Seats is ensuring that our business practice stay the course with our Vision. It is our vision that through our products we create the safest environment for the transportation of children. We do this by ensuring our products are safe, secure and work when they need to. Families rely on our products to do exactly what we say they will, and while no parent would ever purposely leave their child in an environment that is inhospitable, the fact is that it does happen. When this does occur we will ensure that our product will not fail and will create that environment which will generate that safety for the child.

Our Mission

Sunray Seats is dedicated to developing products that ensure the safety of its cargo through manufacturing products that exceed industry expectations. We will provide a safe environment for your family through focusing on your needs.

What this means to our customers is that we will do everything in our power to ensure that the cargo, their child, is as safe in our products as they would be in there parents arms. This also means we are willing to listen to feedback. Our Customers are an important part of our product development and moving forward.


The Cool-Ride system has the ability to connect with current car seats on the market. Currently no other car seat system has that ability to cool a child down in a hot car seat. As such, Sunrise Seats have a clear advantage in the market. While we are sure our competitors may attempt to duplicate our results the ability for the system to mount existing car seats secures our position as a leader in this market.

Additionally the system functions as a standalone system. Power, activation and operating are all functions that Cool-Ride does automatically. Powering places no extra strain onto the vehicle or the owner of the system to ensure it is functioning. Utilizing state of the art technological advances the system maintains and operates without any need for the customer to interact.



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