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Bus540 Hy Dairies Inc. Organizational Behavior

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Essay Preview: Bus540 Hy Dairies Inc. Organizational Behavior

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Case Study 3.1 - Hy Dairies Inc.

Gabriela Lino

Westcliff University

BUS 540: Organizational Behavior

Dr. Iyad Alamir 

May 19, 2019

 Case Study 3.1 - Hy Dairies, Inc.

Study of Hy Dairies, Inc. case, a milk products manufacturer that improved sales of Hy’s gourmet ice cream brand by a marketing campaign. The success of the campaign could be credited to Rochelle Beauport, an assistant brand manager. The vice president of marketing at the company gave her a new opportunity at the company. This paper examines and analyses the perceptions of Beauport and Sid about the situation and who can organizations can lead with misperceptions.

Review/Analysis of the Case

Hy Dairies, Inc. case that improved sales of Hy’s gourmet ice cream brand by a marketing campaign. The success of the campaign could be credited to Rochelle Beauport, an assistant brand manager.

Beauport is one of the few women of color at Hy Dairies, Inc. in marketing management. Syd Gilmar, vice-president of marketing at the company was contented with her job and offers her a new position as marketing research coordinator.

Syd’s attitude seems as him an excellent opportunity, sounded offensive to Beauport. She thinks that she was discriminated by Sid for being a woman of color.

In Syd’s thoughts the new position she can experience different working class of Hy dairies and develop her carriers there. On the other hand, Beauport liked her position at brand management and does not interested in technical support position as marketing research is. She sensed that she had been sideline and she did not get the promotion she deserved.

Stereotyping and Social Identity Theory at Hy Dairies, Inc.

Stereotyping is the process of giving attributes to the particular group and then assigning to any individual or anyone that is associated with some group, letting people to classify others on their belief and perception (McShane & Glinow, 2013). Is derived of the social identity. Can be stated as the activity of giving traits to persons based on their participation in a social theory (Macrae, 1996).

Stereotypical judgment can be divided in two types, as Garcia (2008) stated, descriptive stereotype and prescriptive stereotype. Gender stereotypes have descriptive components, as well as prescriptive components; beliefs about the way males and females usually act, or beliefs about how males and females should act (Koenig, 2018).

Generally, the amount of women entrepreneurs is increasing quickly, but is still one of the biggest barriers faced culturally all over the world even though some countries are more and others less present (Naidu and Chand, 2007). Women are discriminated more in the work places which descriptive and prescriptive stenotypes are present. Also, the withering effect of racism (Solorzano, 2008) is present even today.

Social identity is the feeling of an individual to fit into a particular social group. It is designated as social identity, the belief of the individual to belong to given categories, and this cognition is always accompanied by an affective component - a feeling of belonging. According to McShane and Glinow (2013) individuals describe themselves by the groups that they are linked or have emotional affection.

Beauport felt that she was stereotype for being a woman and black. On the other hand, Syd thought that he gave her a good promotion and a unique opportunity to grow at the company. Whereas he had the same position when he started his career and he reached the position of vice president of marketing at Hy dairies.

Perceptional Errors at Hy Dairies, Inc.

The false consensus effect occurs when one overestimate the number of other people share their opinions, beliefs, and behaviors (Alicke & Largo, 1995). Is the effect to project their way of thinking onto others individuals.

Both Beauport and Syd had this same position and made the same mistake of false consensus effect. Without thinking and putting themselves in the other's shoes, they assumed that their thoughts were shared between them. Specially Syd, when he thinks there is only one way to success, which himself has followed.

The halo effect is the possibility that the evaluation of an item, product or individual may, under some bias, interfere with judgment on other important factors, contaminating the overall result (McShane & Glinow, 2013).

In this case, Beauport has the perception that being from a minority group she was transferred to another department, on the backstage. On the Syd’s side, he generalized Beauport individualities with the other women from the same group.

A basic mistake was the lack of communication that Beauport and Syd had in this process. As a good leader, Syd could have a closer relationship and so they would have a more effective dialogue.



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