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Buddhism Vs Christianity

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Essay Preview: Buddhism Vs Christianity

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Religion is a fundamental element of human society. It is what binds a country, society or group of individuals together. However, in some instances it destroys unity amoungst these. Religion is a belief in a superhuman entity(s) which control(s) the universe. Every religion has its differences but most strive for a just life and the right morals. The three major groups are the primal regions which consist of African, Aboriginal and Native American religions, Asian which consist of South Eastern Asian religions and Abrahamic religions which consist of Middle Eastern religions. The foci of this essay are the differences between the Abrahamic religion, Christianity, and the Asian region Buddhism as well as making reference to the Islamic religion.

It is the beliefs or ideologies as well as the traditions which separate and help us differentiate between religions. The main concept of Christianity is that God the Father sent his son Jesus as man to save mankind and open the gates of Heaven on earth. "Thy kingdom come thy will be done - Lords Prayer". Buddhism is based on the individual's effort, the idea of equilibrium, were one lives life in harmony with the surroundings. "True understanding lay between the extremes of asceticism and luxury, a middle path p.92" In the Christian faith, when one dies, after roaming the earth for 40 days he ascends into heaven were he will be judged by the Holy Father. If a person seeks eternal damnation they are sent to hell and if they want to be saved and to live for eternity in Heaven with God, they must atone for their sins by waiting in purgatory after which time they will be granted access to Heaven. Faithful following of the Christian religion is the short cut to Heaven since Jesus showed us the most perfect way to the Father, as he declared that he was 'The way , the truth and the light'. The Christian is called upon to be forgiving of other people which mirrors the actions of the Heavenly Father, "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us...deliver us from evil- Lords Prayer". In this way Christians must strive to imitate the Heavenly Father by following the example of Jesus the Son of God. God gives the individual one life to prove that they are worthy of eternal life. In contrast, the Buddhist religion, life is relived over and over as it is only the separation of the mind from its body. "one life ends and another begins p.92" Therefore in contrast to Buddhism, Christianity does not accept the notion of reincarnation which provides the evidence that there are fundamental ideological differences between the two religions.

Founders of a religion are usually the most important figure heads of a religion. The Christian faith begun when Christ began his public ministry at the age of 33, chose his disciples and preached the good news. One might argue that the institution of the Eucharist on the night of the last super heralded the formal beginning of the Church and yet others believe it was the first Corinthians in 55 A.D who actually took part of the breaking of the bread. Although this may be a tradition, it is a fundamental belief which is accepted as absolutely pivotal to the Christian faith that Jesus is mystically present in a physical form in the Eucharist known as the Blessed Sacrament. This belief or act of faith is essential to the Church since the Eucharist binds the Christians together and with Christ. However, not all denominations of Christianity accept or celebrate the Eucharist such as the Baptists, although they all have one thing in common which is following the path of Christ which is why they are called Christians. It is Christ himself, the Bible, the Church and traditions which bind Christians together. The Buddhist religion though, is much more



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