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British Empire Impact Through India

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British Empire Impact Through India

Years and years ago the British empire had a huge influence on many countries; for instance, Australia, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, India , among others. The last country named -India- had to sttrugle with the Biritsh Empire for many reason. One of them, was the manipulation of Indian people as a slavers. This issue had a big controversy because Indians had to fight to get the freedom that they wanted. Moreover, Indias was seen as potential economy by the British Empire. Acording to the Professor Peter Marshall, India had become a world trade and important point for the economical issue. They could export cotton, weoden, fabrics, and of course paid lagaan . All this point about India and its struggle can be seen in the movie Lagaan. This is the third Bollywood movie and it had a huge succeed. Not only shows how beautiful the Indian culture is, but also how they had to struggle against British Empire. It was a big challengue to the Indian people to stop the cruelty that they lives. Was it necessary for the Indian people to draw the line at a certain point? Were they brave enough to face the British Empire?

As mentiones before, the Bollywood movie named Lagaan perfectly portrays how Indian poeple suffered due to Britsh Empire. The main issue in the movie is that Indian people had to pay to the British Empire. What did they have to pay? India people had to pay in taxes also known as Lagaan. But in the movie, Indian people hadn't been living a good moment regarding weather. It is well know what Indian people worked the lands and they had harvest in order to create their living. Indian people were able to do anything in order to have a good lyfe-style. But here is when the British Empire played an important role. They forced the Indian people to pay doble-tax because the weather wasn't giving good results (good harvest). Indian people tolerated bad tratements at a certain point. They wanted to change the relationship that they had with the British Empire. So that is when they draw the line at receving bad tratments. Finally, Indian people realized that they were humans, and of course had rights as a normal person.

That point is very important because Indians finally tood the decision. It was not a rebellion; it was that they really wanted to fight against their people. Was it fair for the to pay doble-tax because of the weather? The movie perfeclty



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