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Blindness and Ways to Deal with It

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Essay Preview: Blindness and Ways to Deal with It

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Blindness and Ways to deal with it

Blindness is a very difficult task in life if you ever experienced or know of someone that has experienced it. Blindness can come from many different things like diseases and disorders. One that practically know of is Retinitis pigmentosa commonly known as RP is an eye disease that attacks the retina. Blindness can change anyone's life or make it really hard to deal with. There are a couple of different ways to deal with blindness. Sometimes surgery is an option like with diabetics. Some are lucky and can have lazier surgery and it corrects the vision. Another way of dealing with blindness is a cane. It helps the people get around by swaying it side to side feeling for objects that they might hit. The best way to deal with blindness is a guide dog. A guide dog is a blind person's best friend. They walk along side of the blind person and help them judge curbs and other things. They know if there is traffic and other things in the way. Guide dogs are not pets though. They aren't your everyday dog. When they are working they aren't allowed to be played with or touched by anyone but their owner. Guide dogs are very special dogs and are a great way to deal with the fact of being blind. Most blind people have a hard time accepted the fact that they aren't independent anymore. They go through denial and also a lot of depression. If you ever see a blind person on the street ask them is they need assistance if they say no then just back off and watch them to make sure they are okay. One last thing is never say you're sorry for them. It really hurts their feelings and kind of makes things worse.



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