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Birth Order and Its Efects on Personality

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Essay Preview: Birth Order and Its Efects on Personality

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Birth order

Have you ever wondered why you and your siblings never get along, or why you are so different? I wondered the same thing until I read an article about birth orders effects on personality. This had to be why she had never spent an hour away from my parents and I haven't willingly been within thirty feet of them since I was six, Why I love to read well above my grade level and my sister, a sixth grader, reads mainly Captain Underpants books when not glued to the T.V. and why we are a similar as oil and water.

Before I start explaining what birth order does I want clarify exactly what it is. When I said birth order I know at least one person, probably more thought of something similar to astrology. In some ways they are similar. They both group personalities and have a basis in science, but that's where the similarity stops. Birth order does not predict the future. Also, while birth orders facts are almost identical anywhere you look, I have found horoscopes where the methods used are so different that one source can say today's you lucky day while another source for that same day may say that you will be brutally murdered by a dark stranger.

For those of you who are only children you often have to deal with the presumption that you are spoiled and self centered, this is shown to be true in many cases, but remember every birth order group has its share of annoying traits. On the good side only children tend to be very confident, have a good eye for detail, and are very often perfectionists.

All of these traits, especially their confidence, contribute to the fact hat a handful of only children made it into the spotlight. People such as Robert DeNiro, Tommy Lee Jones, Robin Williams, Natalie Portman, and Sara Mitchell Gellar were only children.

Those who, like me, are the eldest in their family share many traits with only children because we were once only children. We share traits such a confidence and our perfectionist mentalities. Unlike them though we of leaders and have probably have been called a goodie-goodie at least once in our lives due to our fear of disappointing people. The main downside to being the oldest is not as obvious as the other birth categories, because we are older the people around us expect us to excel at everything. We also can be very jealous and afraid that our younger siblings will do better than us.

As first borns love to lead, they often end up in careers that require just that. Did you know that almost every president in U.S. history was the first born, or the firstborn son in there family? Also on the first mission into space all but two of the astronauts were first bourns, the other two were only children. Some famous first bourns seen today are people like George bush, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Cosby.

Those of you who are the middle child are sometimes seen as the invisible child. Middle children are very important though, these people are the down-to-earth, easy-going, and peacemakers that make our every day life what it is. Middle borns are great listeners and people pleasers, which in turn cause them to have many friends; they are many times the rebels in the family. Unfortunately though they are the least motivated of the four birth order types and because they are such people pleasers they sometimes become followers.

Being people pleasers has thrust a few of them into the limelight. As they are great middlemen middle children often find them in careers that deal with social relations. These people are people like Donald Trump,



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