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Birth Order Influence Certain Characteristics on Individuals

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Essay Preview: Birth Order Influence Certain Characteristics on Individuals

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Birth Order Influence Certain Characteristics On Individuals

Birth order is a theory that refers to the order of birth . Alfred Adler ( 1870 - 1937 ) , included birth order dynamics in his theory of personality formation ( 1912 ) , he was the first person to mention that not just the parents , but also the siblings influence the child ' s behavioral characteristics . It is believed that one's birth order can cause a great influence on the individual ' s style of life , such as dealing with the tasks of love , friendship , and work . Other birth order factors that should be considered are : the spacing in years between siblings ; the total number of children ; and the changing circumstances of the parents over time .

Birth order theory outlines four types of personalities : firstborns , middleborns , only - borns and youngest . If you were the third of six children then circumstances would have meant that you either functioned predominantly like one of the big four above .

Only - Born : The quiet achievers , the finishers , they expect nothing less than the best . This group will raise the bar for everyone around them as nothing but the best will do . They can also be unforgiving , usually hate criticism , and hardly admit they are wrong .

Firstborn : The leaders , the drivers and the responsible types . They frequently live with a sense of entitlement and even superiority . They tend to push people too hard and refuse to take no for an answer . They can be bossy and perfectionist , giving them an intimidating image .

Middleborn : The social people , have great relationship skill . Friendships are important to this group so they will learn to get along and will help keep the peace in a group or organization . They may be less driven than the first and last born . They are not good at making decisions that will offend others . In their need to please everybody , they often become co - dependent .

Youngest : The initiators , ideas people and the challengers . This group are the creative , live for the moment types who can put some fun and verve into activities . Great initiators and very impatient doers , they persevere to get something started but often are not the greatest of finishers . They have a strong fear of rejection and a short attention span .

Starting with my father , he is the fourth out of six children in his family . His predominant characteristics come from the youngest . Very creative , always brings out the funniest and craziest ideas , and quiet impatient .

My mom is definitely a firstborn . Great leader , also very perfectionist , notices every little detail on anything . Everybody that does not know my mother quiet well , usually get an intimidating view of her .

Looking at my oldest brother he does not fit too well in the description of a firstborn . He has not been much of a responsible individual , even though he always aspires for



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