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Bird Flu

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Are Topic is Bird Flu: A FOUL SITUATION. Today I will tell you the history and the cause of bird flu. Melissa will tell you the conflicting theories about this problem and what will happen if this problem is left unchecked. Joe will tell you how serious this problem and Rachael will tell you what has been done to solve this, what has worked and what hasn't worked and what are group recommends as a possible solution.

A. Where does it come from?

1.It occurs naturally in birds in there intestines

2.Theres no reasson why this occurs or what makes it occur.

3.If the current strain of avian influenza mutates to a human to human ,bird flu history suggests tens of millions of people could die

Timeline of first sightings of Bird Flu

1918-It hit Spain (pink on map)killing 8 million people in one month. NO one knew where this came from and it became known as the "Spanish flu".

1957- another sighting of the then "unknown flu" in Asia killing over 100,000 lives. It was renamed the "Asian Flu"

1968- It hit again in Hong Kong. No one related the three virus' and left this unchecked killing 700,000 people.

1997- Scientist discovered for the first time an avian influenza virus had been found to transmit directly from birds to humans. This happened in Hong Kong were 6 people. About 1.5 million chickens were killed in an effort to remove the source of the virus

1999-Scientist related all these sightings of this unknown virus. They found that poultry was the source of the deadly virus and the main mode of transmission was from bird to human. It now became known as the Bird flu.



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