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Biblical Questioning

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In Scott's book he brings up a great point about questing the bible on any part of the scripture, especially the first book of the bible Genesis. Since the beginning of anything is its foundation, to question the truth of it just to try and prove that the creation and evolution might fit together, it is a must to throw everything away as well. I find myself agree with Scott, this is a great point to think that it is possible to believe God in the end but not in the beginning. Being a big believer in the bible it has been a little different reading the books. It has made me question things that you are just supposed to assume are true. When I was in high school we were told that micro evolution happens all the time but to think that macro evolution happen just doesn't make sense, and that the only way It could have happened was with God. With the reading I have been able to find a few facts about the scientific view that really amaze me.

The best thing about the readings is that while I'm reading I start to get these new ideas of what could have happened and to really look at stuff closer then I normally would. When I finish I will go back and look at things in the bible and see if that is really what is said and how if that is the meaning you are supposed to take from it.

Miller also helped me realize that creation isn't science and I never looked at it like that. I always thought that creation was science, no one ever said there was a difference, I have heard many different religious scientist say how creation is a science and they give these huge theory's about how God did different things and how we can prove it with many different types scientific test, but when there is something you can't explain they usually just say well that's a miracle and that's the reason why it happened like that. After reading Miller I feel like you can't try to bring science in with creation and not try to prove everything with it, it has to be two different things. It would not be fair for an evolutionist to say, well I can prove ninety-nine percent of this, but the other one percent you have to just trust me on.

Something I really like to see is if we will ever except that both ways are correct and that maybe the reason things are so tough to find out is because we are looking at thing s in the wrong light.

I had a lot of fun with the reading not only finding out new things about



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