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Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.

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Essay Preview: Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.

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Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.

Jessica Ward

Waldorf University

Professor Michelle Manganaro

ORG, Leadership Theory and Practice

12  December 2017



Benjamin Solomon Carson made medical history in 1987 with an operation to separate twins which were joined at the back of the head. During previous operations with twins joined this way, it always failed. This resulted in the death of both patients. Patrick and Benjamin Binder from Ulm, Germany were craniopagus twins. Carson was called to conduct the operation; since both twins had separate brains he felt the operation would be successful. The operation took twenty-two hours and it was successful. (Biography, 2017). Ben came from humble beginnings which makes him an exceptional leader; in this world we need a leader who is not corrupted by politics and still represents what they believe in. Ben Carson had the passion and drive to become a doctor. (Biography, 2017).

Leader’s Personality Traits

One of Ben’s mentors, Dr. James Taren who was a well-known neurosurgeon, had emphasized all patients deserved a doctor’s full attention and there was no’ time off’ when someone’s life depended on you. Mr. Carson stated “There are definitely not enough mentors today. That is one of the reasons I try to encourage people to look at their sphere of influence…if you mentor someone, get them going and they do that for someone else, it has a ripple effect…” (Clarrissimeaux, 2011).

The Big Five Model of Personality

Leader Motive Profile Theory. As a child Ben had issues with his confidence, especially during class when the other students would make fun of him. He thought of himself as the dumbest student in world because others saw him as such.  After Ben’s mother received a report card from school and questioned Ben about his grades, she realized she had to take control of the situation. She ordered Ben and Carl to read two library books a week and write a report, and she would restrict how often they watch television. Ben soon changed how he approached learning, he began to enjoy reading and participated more in the classroom. He was more confident in his abilities to complete school assignments which soon led him to receiving academic honors and eventually attending medical school. (Biography, 2017).

Ben realized the joy reading brought; reading gave him the energy, confidence and the need to achieve greatness. In elementary school Ben remembers a science teacher who ignited his interest in researching and studying organisms under a microscope. From that moment on he always knew he wanted to be a doctor. (Clarrissimeaux, 2011).

 Clarrissimeaux (2011), “Once you begin to understand and realize what you are capable of, the whole world changes…I discovered through reading that I could control my own future. I couldn’t get enough knowledge at that point. I had the same brain, just a different attitude.” (para. 22).

Conscientiousness Leader. Ben Carson has a very simple and professional style of leadership, he is unpolluted by the negativity which is in the world. One of the most difficult aspects of leadership is declaring when he is wrong. He states that with all the education, hours of analyzing the situation/problem you figure your solution is accurate. In these types of situations, you need to start with yourself and ask, “what could I have done to prevent this situation?” If you do this, you are not going point your finger at someone else and blame them. As a leader Ben can recognize the talents everyone possesses. A good leader will be able to utilize those gifts and focus them towards the same goal. (Achua & Lussier, 2016).



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