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Essay Preview: Basketball

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in today�s society. Basketball is fun because it’s something people can do with their family, friends, or strangers. To become a good basketball player athletes must know the basic fundamentals, they must practice on a consistent basis, and they must know how to play with team work.

The fundamentals of basketball is the most important knowledge players must know about the game. They must know how to dribble the ball, how to use the pivot foot, how to form and shoot a jump shot, how to make a lay-up, how to play defense, and how to position the body to a defensive stance. Other fundamentals include the rules of the game. For instance where the out of bound, free-throw, and three-point lines are, how many seconds a player gets to pass the ball in from out of bounds, how many seconds can one stand in a key, and how many seconds for every team procession.

With the knowledge of the fundamentals players should practice on a consistent basis. Practicing will improve a players ability to play and defend. It will also keep a player in shape so that they will not easily be exhausted on the court. When practicing players should have a routine exercise. This will allow players to cover all that is needed to improve. For example the first thing they should do is stretch so that they won’t pull any muscles or have any cramps. The second step players should do is run laps to get the heart going. Thirdly they could do shooting drills or lay-up drills. Then what they could do is practice their defensive stance while moving from side to side. Doing so will improve the ability to contain a players opponent from moving, passing, or shooting. If players practice consistently and routinely they will notice the improvement overtime.

At this point with all of the abilities learned, team work is one of the most important abilities that a good player should know. A good example of team work is Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Although Michael Jordan is the best player to ever step on the court he couldn’t have got six championship rings without out his supporting cast. Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Chicago Bulls, taught his players how to play team ball instead of saying “Give the ball to Mike.” like others would say. Team work is most likely to be the



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