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Basketball Poetry

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Basketball Dream

I dribble down the length of the court

How much I love this bouncy sport

The ball so orange, inflated so

My fingers spin it, watch it go

My heart is pumping beat by beat

The one defending moves his feet

The trap is coming, And so near

It closes in; I have no fear

With hands raised high they do contain

My teammate cuts into a lane

I pass the ball into his hands

The fans are screaming in the stands

The press breaks down; it's man-to-man

I set the play up with my hand

We swing the ball from side to side

To force the defense nice and wide

The picks are set on the baseline

The game clock now drops down to 9

Our center steps up, sets a pick

The clock now dwindles down to 6

My man is cut off, I break free

I catch the bounce pass at my knee

Sweat falls down into my eye

My muscles burn, my tendons cry

The seconds fall, I hit the air

The tension's mounting everywhere

We're down by one, we can't be beat

The fans are standing on their feet

A hand comes up to block my shot

There's just one second on the clock

My wrist snaps forward; rim in sight

I play the last game on this night

The arc is true, the net is waiting



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