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Ballard Case

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When analyzing the descriptive data it is the responsibility of the researcher to capture the intent of the company's vision and mission statement and advise members of the management team on what should be sustained and what should be improved upon. BIM has captured the views of 78 employees out of a total of 449 employed. Out of the 10 questions asked two of the questions triggered red flags and was determined by the analyst to develop recommendations for the company to implement courses of actions to improve the work environment of the overall company. Communication has been identified as the number one problem in the BIM organization. Our recommendations would be to conduct monthly evaluations to allow a flow of communication to transpire between managers and employees. This will allow both parties to address issues that would preclude departments of BIM of performing at its expected potential. The second recommendation for improving communication would be to incorporate quarterly company team building exercises. By incorporating team building exercises will increase communication throughout the organization on all levels. Employees' salary has also been identified as an issue within the organization. The survey indicates 30 of the 78 employees feel that their work is not valued and their salary and wages do not reflect the work ethic performed. Our recommendation would be to review the monthly evaluation that are conducted annually and determine if their work performance warrants a salary or wage increase. Create or explain BIM's policies on employee progression within the organization and ensure that the policy is clearly understood and easily attainable by all who are employed. This will decrease the company's employee high turnover rate.



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