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Austin Powers

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Essay Preview: Austin Powers

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Austin Powers

Sound design is the art of creating sound from the ground up. It is the crackling of glass when something penetrates it. It is the sound of burning leaves when there is a fire. Sound designers develop the aural, or sound, cues crucial to play's mood. Running water, traffic, the murmuring of a crowd or the strains of music are the kinds of sound effects used as an integral part of a production. Sound design is often overlooked, but with our increasing everyday use of technology - such as alarm clocks, microwave ovens, hairdryers, computers, cars, tools, toys and mobile phones - sound is becoming a more and more important part of design. When was the last time you visited a city where it rains indoors as well as outdoors, or been inside a maternity ward where none of the babies are quite human? Music and sound is essential for enhancing any production. Its presence serves two crucial functions. First, it establishes mood. All people have certain reactions to sounds, especially music. For example, upbeat rythmatic tempos have the ability to release adrenaline in a person's body. Slower tempos can tend to depress people. In Austin Powers, the music follows the story extremely well. In most cases during the movie, it is actually exaggerated.

Austin Powers, the movie, starts out with the introduction of Austin Powers, A British intelligence agent, and Dr. Evil, Austin's nemesis. Dr. Evil is on a plot to take over the world. He is the typical bad guy. The movie is based around all other hero/ villain movies but they exploit the similarities. Like, Dr. Evil having his number 2 man, and naming him number 2. He has an Asian guy who throws a shoe, who looks much like the Asian guy who throws his hat in the earlier James Bond movies. He also proceeds to call out the flaws of many of the older movies, when he is talking to his son Scott about killing Austin Powers. He has Austin chained to a pole, and Scott asks why can't he just go in there and shoot him. Dr. Evil then tells Scott that he is putting him in an easily escapable room, where he will outrageously slowly put Austin in a tank full of ill-tempered sea bass. Austin Powers is a spoof character of James Bond. He is a ladies man, and a good agent. Instead of being debonair and handsome, he looks and acts funny. So, Dr. Evil cryogenically freezes himself in order to awake in a time where evil no longer rules, so he can take over the



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