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At the Begging Case

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At the begging of section 1 George Milton and Lennie Small stop for some rest by a Quiet river, before they begin work on a nearby ranch. George discovers that Lennie had be hiding a dead mouse in his pocket and George throws the dead mouse across the river. George reminds lennie about the accident that caused them to escape from the last ranch, and George asks lennie to behave. George Decides to sleep in the open for the night and have baked beans for dinner Lennie go's to get some fire wood but recovers the mouse lennie through

Section 2 :

The next day George and lennie arrive at the ranch and go into the bunk house where they are greeted by a man called Candy who is an old swamper. The Boss appears and questions George and lennie as to why they were so late. George blames the bus driver. Once the boss had left George and lennie encounter the rest of the main characters: Curly the Boss's son, Curly's wife, who flirts with the other men, Slim a respected man, and Carlson.

Section 3:

Slim understands that lennie isn't very intelligent and that he has the mentality of a child. George explains to slim about the accident at their previous ranch involving lennie. Carlson complains about Candy's old dog because it smells. Eventually Candy gets bullied by everyone allowing him to shoot his own dog. George tells Candy about his dream ranch with lennie and the candy becomes a part of the dream. Curly starts a fight with Lennie and George tells lennie to fight back .Lennie crushes Curlys hand. Curly pretends his hand got caught in a machine.

Section 4:

On Saturday night Lennie , Candy and Crooks stay at the ranch while George leaves lennie behind to go into town with the rest of the men. Crooks allows lennie to enter his room and crooks taunts lennie that George might not return leaving lennie on his own.Lennie panics at the thought of him leaving and Crooks is forced to apologise to calm lennie down. Then Crooks lets Candy into the room and Lennie and candy then tell crooks about their plan to buy their own ranch. Then Curlys wife appears and Crooks and Candy tell her to leave and she doesn't.

Section 5:

All the men are outside the barn playing cards. Only lennie is inside the barn with his dead pup which he had just accidently killed by stroking it too hard.



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