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Artists - Leonardo Da Vinci - Claude Monet

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Essay Preview: Artists - Leonardo Da Vinci - Claude Monet

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Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452 in The Republic of Florence, Italy. Leonardo was a genius and master of art. He was a draftsman, Italian Painter, architect, and engineer. He epitomized The Renaissance humanist ideal through his influential paintings of The Renaissance.

His painting of The Last Supper (1495-97) and Mona Lisa (1503-06) are the most popular and most influential paintings of The Renaissance. His notebooks of paintings and artwork revealed a spirit of inquiry and mechanical inventiveness. Leonardo Da Vinci died on May 2, 1519 in Cloux, France. He was very famous for many paintings and sculptures and he will always be remembered as one of the best in history.

Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris. Then in 1845 Monet and his family moved to Le Havre where Monet was developing a well-known reputation for the caricatures he loved to draw. Monet then met Eugene Boudin at Le Havre which developed Monet own technique of art. Monet was encouraged to paint outdoors by Boudin. Monet was married and had a child but it brought his works down. Monet is famous for other artists drawing portraits of him. He is famous for many outdoor landscapes and portraits of people.

Monet moves to a house in Giverny where he stayed for 43 years until he dies in 1926. Claude Monet was also famous for a various amount of cathedral drawings and was very skilled at it. Monet was a very skilled artist and caught on quick. Constable was an English painter who was very skilled at landscape painting. His works of arts were done directly from nature and was influenced from French artists of the Barbizon School. Was also involved in impressionist's movement. John was born on June 11, 1776 in East Burgholt, Suffolk. He worked in a flour mill for his father before he left to London in 1799. He moved to London to Study at The Royal Academy schools. He studied English rural life and developing a distinct individual style of artwork. Constable left the Dutch and English traditions of paintings by discarding the usual brown under paintings to the more lightly luminous effects of broken bits of color applied with a pallet knife. When he lived in London he painted the countryside around the Stour River in Suffolk and in Salisbury.

Some of Constable's works including The Cornfield (1826) and Valley Farm (1835), both included in the National Gallery, London, and Wivenhoe Park, Essex. Many of his oil sketches are in The



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