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Leonardo Da Vinci

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The life of the extremely talented artist, and brilliant scientist, Leonardo da Vinci began on the date of April 15, 1452 during the Renaissance; in the town of Vinci, Italy. His parents were Peiro da Vinci, and a beautiful young woman named Caterina. From a very young age he discovered his artistic skills and became an apprentice to a famous Renaissance master. For many years he worked on very beautiful paintings for people such as Duke Lodovico Sforza, and many other important people. His wonderful fulfilled life has been an inspiration for many people and because of his many accomplishments. When people think of Leonardo da Vinci they remember all of the different things that he had done in his scientific and artistic life.

Many people have heard of this brilliant

man from his famouspaintings and portraits such as the Mona Lisa, and the Madonna of the Rocks. Although Leonardo da Vinci devoted most of his life to artwork he also studied a lot of science, biology, mathematics, anatomy, and physics. He also was very interested in mechanics when he was a civil and military engineer. This man also studied the flight of birds for a long time. He was interested in the study of flight and had theories of how to make flying machines. He is assumed to be the first man who studied flight, and if it wasn't for him Orville and Wilbur Wright most likely wouldn't have constructed the first airplane. He was extremelyinterested in this area of science. Another thing he was involved withwas the construction of canals and automation. He tried to make machines to transport people to different places, but he never accomplished this task. He also did expirements of nature including the stratification of rocks, the movement of light, the motion of water, and the growth of plants. Da Vinci's scientific carrer was extremely brilliant and his discoveries was really important.

Leonardo's artistic skills are some of the most brilliant and have the most talent that have ever been seen on this Earth.At the young age of about thirteen years old he became a great artisan's apprentice, where he learned a lot and improved his skills. When the young aspiring artist moved to the city of Florence he accomplished many beautiful painting, sculptures, and portraits. There he complete many well known works ofart which include: the wonderful portrait Ginevra Benci, the well- known La Gioconda,or



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