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Application Form for the Executive Committee Board

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Essay Preview: Application Form for the Executive Committee Board

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Hong Kong Joint School Economics Association

Application Form for the Executive Committee Board

for the year 2012-2013

Please read the following notes carefully before you start filling in the form.

1. Deadline for application: 23:59 of 9th September 2012. Any late applications will not be entertained.

2. Applicants should be full-time Hong Kong secondary students studying F.4 or F.5 (as of September 2012) and be able to start duty in September 2012.

3. Please note that applicants do not necessarily have to be students taking Economics or BAFS.

4. Please use extra sheet(s) if necessary.

5. Please submit any completed form, with full résumé by email to Please note that applications without a résumé will face a severe penalty. The title of the email and file name of the application form must be in the form of: [Name] - JSEA 1213 Exco App. Form

6. Applicants should pay attention to the schedule of interview sessions (i.e. 15th-16th September 2012), which will be posted on the website of HKJSEA upon notification. Applicants who cannot attend the interview will be disqualified.

7. Applicants who can enter the second round will be required to complete and summit a task for their first choice before the second interview.

8. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at by email, or contact Athena Tong at 9838 8370 or Kenelm Li at 6874 2697 or Alice Kung at 5191 1196 by phone.

A. Personal Particulars

Full English Name: Recent Photo

Chinese Name:



Phone Number: (Home)



Form (for the school year 2012-2013):

Residential Address:

Email address:

B. Academic Qualifications

Educational Background

Name(s) of Secondary School




HKDSE elective subjects taken:

Public Examination Results (if applicable)

Examination Year Subject Grade

e.g. IELTS 2011 --- 8.0

C. Posts Selection

Please list the order of your preference (with 1 being the first choice) for the twelve available positions of the HKJSEA Executive Committee. Please refer to our Constitution on our official website for the duties of the Executive Committee.

Post Preference




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