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Apple Vs Samsung Case

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Case 1-3 Apple versus Samsung: The Battle for Smartphone

Supremacy Heats Up

1-23 Should Apple Introduce a lower-cost IPhone to attract consumers who are not willing or able to pay a premium for an Apple device?

I believe Apple should introduce a lower-cost IPhone. Just like Samsung does, I think Apple has to expand their options of phones with cheaper phones, but at the same time not delivering to the customer the same experience they would have with the regular phones they already sell. By doing that I think the costumer would have a taste of what an IPhone is and would definitely get an upgrade. Apple has a big brand name even though it does not participates in big events and many advertisements as its competitor Samsung does, but Apple is recognized just by its quality of products. I know many people with medium to low income who does not buy Apple products because of prices, but at the same time they would love to buy it. So having a line of cheaper phones and other products would expand their market.

1-24 Do you think Apple can continue to grow by developing breakthrough products that create new markets, as it did with the IPod, IPhone, and IPad?

Yes, I think Apple would definitely grow developing new products and creating new markets. All Apple products are compatible with one another and in my perspective that is what makes Apple so unique and amazing. On the other hand, I think that for now the best strategy for Apple would be to optimize the products they already have and develop more functions for the existing products and improving its functioning.

1-25 How has Samsung’s global marketing strategy enable it to compete so effectively against Apple?

I believe that Samsung is working very hard on advertisements and promotions in order to keep up with Apple products. The different product lines that Samsung has is very different from what Apple offers, as Samsung products vary from semiconductors to household appliances to smartphones. Samsung also diversifies its products by for example, increasing screens size, and offering products with low prices to target different markets and giving importance to the targeted market needs. What I think that also helps Samsung is that it has designers with diverse disciplines backgrounds that helps on researching the right market to target.



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