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Ap European History Study Guide for Independent Study

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Essay Preview: Ap European History Study Guide for Independent Study

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AP European History Study Guide for Independent Study

Since you are studying independently, the textbook or review book is your guide. I will use The Western Heritage by Donald Kagan as the main source for information in this guide but any textbook or other information source can used - just follow along using the topics in whatever source you are using.

For each chapter:

1. Reading

At least skim the chapter. Focus on the titles of sections, pictures and their descriptions and any maps or graphs. The most memorable and interesting information is in the pictures and graphs. Reading the chapter is good if you have time and are very interested but reading notes after skimming is often just as useful and quicker.

2. Notetaking

If you want a high score on the AP exam, I would take notes from the chapter. Use whatever method words for you. Some like to outline, some like to use mind maps, some use the Cornell system. My favorite is to write the title of each section and then write down key developments, important changes in history and important names, dates, places and events.If taking notes sounds like too much work, there are outlines of each chapter available on the Western Heritage website.

3. Audioblog or video review:

Many students learn by listening as well as by reading. Listening to an audioblog or video series is very helpful. Several are available online. Finding on is definitely worthwhile if you want the information you learn to stick in your mind.

4. Matching Questions:

Each section has matching question of important people, places, events and ideas to know. Memorize the terms and be sure you can fill in the matching section correctly.

5. Multiple Choice Questions:

Start with the multiple choice questions from the textbook website. They are often too specific but they also are a good start.

6. AP Multiple Choice Questions:

If you have access to actual AP questions from a teacher or other source do them. AP Questions tend to be different than review books or textbook questions so doing actual AP questions is important if your



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