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Anthem Project

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Anthem Project

The Last discovery we found was electricity. It’s been very helpful for our society lately, but now Golden One is telling us that it’s taking too long to get the food from the other side of the lake, and it would be much easier if we could find a way to get across the water. So we started thinking of ideas that would take us from one side to another that would hold a good amount of weight. We were around the woods with the others and we came across a tree trunk. We thought that if we shaved the bark down with a rock to a smooth surface and tied the bark together that it would hold our weight and float across the water. We ended up trying that idea, but it was not strong enough and it flipped over while we were on it. So now we knew that we needed something that was strong, thick and big enough for items and people.

We kept looking through the woods and came across a house that was broken down. We got all the pieces of wood from the house and put them together to start creating an object that would be better then the last one we tried. We started putting all

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the pieces on top of each other to make the object have five strong layers. Next we started building upwards so the water would not come into the object and all of our belongings will be secured. We did the same process for every side. We then stuck a tall wooden rod through the middle and stuck a flag on it to represent that it was from us.

Once we built this object we had to name it so we called it a boat and from that day on it still has remained the same. We use this boat on a daily basis to get us around different parts of the city. We go from our house to the other side of the lake to pick up food we need. We package all the food onto the boat we make sure we evenly distribute the weight so the boat doesn’t start to tip over. There is one part about this that is not so great we have to use wooden sticks to move the boat, we have not yet found a way to do it automatically.

I must say the boat which we have created has come in use in so many ways. We can get food and other supplies that we need. We are going to continue to find a way to get our boat to move in the waters with out us rowing it. The Golden One and I also hope to build bigger boats and maybe even make them for other people for a low price,



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