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Answering Your Call

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Establishing a Church

God's Creation or Man's Creation

Many of today's church's take for granted the depth and importance of establishing a Church based on the pattern originally set forth by Jesus Christ. God's pattern for the New Testament Church was established to be one universal Church. Church was never intended to be Churches, but that does not refer to a building, it refers to the laws, rules and pattern that were originally designed. Today we have multiple churches, but the pattern in each house of the Lord should be consistent. God has only one pattern for His Church.

Many Church's of today do not recognize nor feel that the diversities of gifts still exist. Some think that once Christ ascended on high that all gifts ascended with him. Others feel that some gifts only existed in Biblical times and the presence of such gifts can not be seen or felt today. For example, many Church leaders will feel safe to say that five fold ministry gifts were taken up when Christ ascended and those ministry gifts are not operational today. Others might say that gifts of the spirit and motivational gifts were also limited to just Biblical times. These gifts are very much operational and exist especially in Church's where God's pattern is followed. When the pattern is followed, the Glory will come in. Where there is governmental order in a house one will see the gifts of the Father present.

In God's pattern we also see the governmental structure of God's Kingdom with Christ serving as Judge, Lawgiver and King. This governmental structure has lead to the implementation and utilization of our current Judicial, Legislative and Executive branches. In the Biblical sense each office as it relates to governmental structure has a specific responsibility. Among the roles of the local Church we have the role of the Elder

and the Deacon. An Elder is a person of maturity and experience who shepherds and Pastors. Elder's qualifications include Spiritual qualifications, character qualifications, domestic qualifications and Ministry qualifications. These include but are not limited to being born again, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit, blameless, vigilant, Holy and must be of good report. Elders and



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