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Compare and Contrasting "the Young Ravens That Call upon Him" and "th

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Essay Preview: Compare and Contrasting "the Young Ravens That Call upon Him" and "th

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Sir Charles G.D Roberts’ stories “ The Young Ravens That Call Upon Him” and “When

Twilight Falls Upon The Stump Lots” are similar in a lot of ways.

The point of view in the Young Ravens story is told from the eagle, the point of view in

the Stump Lots is omniscient. In the “young ravens” story the eagle is the protagonist and the ewe

is the antagonist. In the “stump lots” story the bear is the protagonist and the cow is the


In both stories the setting is beautifully described with a lot of description. They both

take place in nature during the spring. One story however takes place in a valley wile the other

takes place in the stump lots. There is pathetic fallacy in the description of both stories.

The plot of both stories is quite similar. They are both about hunting larger prey to

survive, both about the motherly instinct of protecting” ones young”. However in the stump lots

no one comes out a head and in the” ravens” story the eagles seem to come out satisfied, although

the story does not go into great detail about the eagles fate. In the stump lots story man is

present and the story ends with an irony of situation.

There is foreshadowing in the young ravens story because it keeps on mentioning how unsafe

the valley was for the ewe and lamb to be wondering around alone with out the rest of the flock.

Also the story kept saying how hunger the eaglets were.

The theme in the young ravens story is....... one animal destroys another while innocently

fulfilling the laws of its own nature. The theme in the other story is.....size and strength does not

always prevail against an animals motherly instinct in nature, however man can make all the

efforts in vain.

In the young ravens story a filling of piety is created towards the lamb because



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