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Anorexia Adn Cachexia

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Anorexia and Cachexia

Care and treatment

Relative to Nursing Practices

University of Maryland



The main aim of this study is to identify and compare perceptions of RNs and patients regarding the best format and key nutrition information components that should be provided to patients during cancer treatment.

MAIN RESEARCH VARIABLES: Patient nutrition concerns as well as format and content of printed educational materials.

FINDINGS: Significant differences existed among groups regarding the most common nutrition concerns, the perception of importance of information frequently provided to patients with cancer, and rank order of importance for eight items typically provided to patients. The dietary information format preferred by all groups was all-inclusive. Data also revealed that almost half of the patients (47%) received no dietary counseling, including 18% who experienced significant weight loss. Because major concerns of patients and healthcare professionals were related to patients ability to consume adequate amounts of food, this became the primary. These findings provide information that can be applied to the development of informational materials and palliative care practices.


The pathophysiology of cancer cachexia is multifactorial. It is suggested to be the result of tumor-host interactions and studies of the disturbances seen during cancer anorexia cachexia syndrome, such as anorexia, hypermetabolism, tissue wasting, metabolic abnormalities, and hormonal changes, all point to the involvement in one way or another of one key factor: cytokines. The purpose of this review is to summarize the latest developments in the field of cytokines and their role in cancer anorexia



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