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Essay Preview: Anorexia

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Carla Tummins Howell

June 30, 2010

Intro to Psychology

Anita Randolph


Although Anorexia takes months to develop, the age of Anorexia is steeping lower and lower with the average age usually being 20 now between the ages of 8 and 11. Anorexia used to be a very lonely disease. Now with more technology with computers there are more than 400 websites linked all to Anorexia. These websites are mainly for anorexics and would-be anorexics to be able to socialize with people that are "like them." This is a place where psychologists go to learn more about the disease and learn what their mindset is like. Anorexics warn everyone entering these sites to not enter if they do not have an eating disorder or are recovering from an eating disorder. They do this because people with anorexia need everyone's aproval . They try to do whatever they know makes you happy. Even with this warning they still enter the sites because they think of it as a dare. It is very clear that anorexics are very confused. In one sense they warn you to not take the chance of this pulling you in and in the other sense they say they are very proud of the disease and will help you in any way to become anorexic.

Websites are placing thousands of thin, beautiful models and celebrities and making you want that figure that "look." This is the reason for younger children to pursue this. They want to be "accepted" so they will do anything. Yahoo! Was one of the largest pushers of anorexic sites until they were pressed because they have a statement which speaks of helping keep children safe and healthy. 115 anorexic sites have been taken down. They deny that is because of being cited but this happened directly after the incident.




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