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Amylase Case

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The enzyme which is amylase is found in the saliva of humans and animals. Amylase causes a chemical reaction in the polysaccharide starch that breaks down the glucose molecules into maltose. When it dissolves into iodine solution, starch will change to a dark blue black as well as maltose. In order to find the time taken to effect of the concentration´╝îDanny, Jacky and I explored one factor and inquired into its effect of the concentration amylase in Sept.?.2013,. This lab report will display all procedure and conduct a final conclusion.


This investigation is to find the effect of the concentration amylase from the rate of breakdown of starch.


In my opinion the lower the concentration of amylase, the slower the breakdown of starch will be. The reason is because the less amylase particles, the less it collide with starch particles. If I increase the amount of the amylase, the breakdown of starch will be quicker because there are more active spot.


Two 50ml beakers

Five test tubes

Five 10ml cylinders

Two Dropping bottles (containing amylase (starch) and iodine solution)

Five doppers

A marker

Three white dimple tile


Solution of 1% of H2O+0% of amylase, 0.75%H2O+0.25%amylase , 0.5%H2O+0.5%amylase , 0.25%H2O, 0.75%amylase

A stop watch

(Iodine is used to indicate the level of starch left. This is why iodine is used in this experiment)


Independent variables: The amount of amylase out of 10ml

Dependent variables: Time taken for effect with iodine

Controlled variables: Amount of mixed iodine, time measured in each 20 seconds, amylase concentration


Work surface should be clean. (It is dangerous if dropping bottles spoiled because we might get stepped by glass fragment)

Be careful when we use amylase and iodine to avoid them enter our eyes accidentally. (Do not rub eyes when iodine is sprayed on the hand)

Test tubes should be placed in test tube racks


Prepare a solution of 0.25%,0.5%, 0.75% and 1% of starch solution by dissolving each 0.75%,0.5% and 025% of H2O. Each solution should be 10ml in total and filled in measuring cylinders

Quickly stir the amylase solution

Prepare Iodine solution and three white dimple tiles

Fill the iodine solution into a 50ml beaker and stir it in order to balance the concentration.

Mark the pecentage of amyalse on test tubes and on the dimple tiles vertically using a marker

Drop one drop of iodine solution into each holes inside the dimple tiles using iodine container's dropper

Fill the diffent percentage of amylase solution into four 10ml measuring cylinders

Lable the percentage of amylase onto each test tubes

Prepare four droppers to suck up 2ml of amylase solution out of each measuring cylinders

Prepare a stopwatch

Click the sopwatch and start to time (This is responsible for the other person)

Fill the 2ml of amylase solution into the test tubes (Make sure to put the solution into the correct test tubes that are labled. It is to avoid dropping the different/incorrect percentage of amyalse into the iodine soultion)

Quickly stir the amylase solution

(Process 12 and 13 should be collaborated by two people, and these processes should be finished in 20 seconds because the reaction of iodine solution will end in 20 seconds)

After 20 seconds, drop one drop of different concentration of amylase solution into the each holes that are labled in the dimple tiles (Make sure drop



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