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American Music

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Unlike American music, K-pop tries to have a global audience. Most titles to K-pop songs are sung in English, allowing their potential audience to expand. Along with the music, K-pop is a slightly more age-appropriate for the younger audience. Most American music glamourizes getting drunk and having lots of money. K-pop tends to sing about varied subjects, such as love, friendships, etc. For example, 2NE1's first Japanese album, 'Nolza' is a hit. Not only for the Japanese, but Koreans and Americans are loving it. While expanding into electronic and catchy types of music, K-pop is also staying true to its own style. The similarities between Korea and Japan allow easier access to Korean culture and music, therefore expanding the popularity of K-pop.

Asian dramas play a large role in the development of K-pop as well. Tons of K-pop singers act in dramas, where thousands of people will watch them. Occasionally, the singer who is acting in the drama will sing the theme song, or ending credits song. With the power of subtitles, those who don't speak Korean can enjoy K-dramas as well. As long as Asians dramas are popular, so will K-pop singers.

Also, K-Pop idols have a long period of training before they debut. In the America, all you need is a lot of views on a video to get noticed. It's getting tough to get in their industry. Each K-pop group has their own individual type of fashion style, be it girly or gothic. Every K-pop singer has a charismatic attitude and characteristic, which make K-pop seem so addicting as a whole.

K-pop singers are slowly but surely changing the music industry in Korea, Japan, and America. With a growing worldwide fan base, electronic addictive music, and cute looks, K-pop will become mainstream in Japan, America, and tons more countries to come.



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