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American Educational System

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Early education is just as equally important as later education in middle school and high school. The more knowledge that students learn earlier in their lives, the better they will do later in school and the world. In order to show that this is working, test scores need to be boosted. In order to do this, classroom sizes must me be lowered by lowering the student teacher ratio. By doing this, teachers will only need to pay attention to a smaller number of students and they in turn will be able to learn more at a faster rate.

When teachers get tenured they are guaranteed to be able to work till they retire. The short time it takes to become tenured isn't as big of an issue as the permanency of the tenure. Teachers get tenured then tend to slack off except when they are being inspected. This is what should really change about being tenured. It should only guarantee teachers a certain amount of time similar to a contract that pro athletes get, but with less zeros in the teacher's check.

President Bush plans to grant over six and a half billion dollars towards the Head Start program. This program is meant to teach kids from birth through age 5 physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills they will need to be successful in school and the rest of their lives. A question of whether kids should learn the alphabet and read, or if they should be taught manners and instructive behavior remains. Personally I believe the program should focus on a combination of both manners and educational instruction. One does not work well without the other anyway so it makes no sense not to have them balanced. By doing this, we give children that early educational advancement that is so needed along with basic manner instruction.




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