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American Dream Essay - the Great Gatsby

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The American dream is the idea of financial and social success in American society. I believe that the idea is corrupt and unachievable. In American society is is very rare to achieve financial success along with happiness.

    Financial success is a dreamable idea that Americans , for ages have long dreamed for. Jay Gatsby is an example of how impossible it is for it to be achieved along with happiness. Tom Buchanon exclaims, “This fella's a regular Belasco!” explaining Jay Gatsby’s inability to to use his financial achievements to fit in with the rest of the upper class of the New York / New Jersey area. ( Fitzgerald 49- 50 ) Jay worked mostly his whole life to become rich in order to live a comfortable, happy life. In actuality, he lives a miserable life constantly longing for things he will never acquire. Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story describes Jay Gatsby of  “ Hardly knowing what he was saying, “ in reference to Jay’s habit of lying about exactly how he earned his living. Jay lived most his life making his money in ways he was just too embarassed to be honest about. So once he achieved his financial goal, he realized he just wants happy with just having his money.

    It is evident that “ the American dream has always been associated with financial success” ( Source 1 ). The idea is simply impossible. The idea just exists to keep Americans involved in the economical rotation of earning and spending money. Source 2 supports the idea that it is strictly a delusion and, “ it is meant to keep people dissatisfied and hungering to spend money.” ( Source 2 ) People in America spend and send and never qutie end up satisfied with any of the riches they may acquire.

    I conclude that the American Dream is strictly myth. It is impossible to achieve. Anyone who ever comes close to acquiring this ends up being content or satisfied with all they have gained.



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