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The American Dream of the Great Gatsby (i Never Titled It)

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Essay Preview: The American Dream of the Great Gatsby (i Never Titled It)

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The American Dream is an idea and a myth that people struggle for but can never be achieved. It cannot be attained because it is an endless race for perfection and better than oneself. For some the dream might be to become impossibly wealthy, or become stronger and smarter than one can be. People pursue the American dream because they believe it has been accomplished before. We live in a society where perfection is ideal and flaws are covered up or hidden. Americans believe that everyone else is perfect because that is what they are shown, and they strive to copy that flawless image too. They are thought of in the same way however, and the All-American power struggle ensues, with each group being more jealous than the next.

America is founded on the principle of liberty, the notion that everyone is free to say and write what they want, and that everyone is equal. Some people assume that since so much freedom is allowed, at least one person is exercising that freedom to its fullest. They work their whole lives to try to be like that person, but that person does not exist. They want to be as rich as him, as sophisticated as him, and as powerful as him. These people are called the wealthy. Karl Marx would describe them as "The Haves". They differ morally with the majority of the population, but then again they vastly different from the people they perceive as having all the freedom to do what they want. The Great Gatsby illustrates the story these people, and how they are corrupted by the potential of seemingly limitless freedom.

Jay Gatsby and Tom and Daisy Buchanan are the elite. They have it all, from huge sprawling mansions to private golf courses. They want it all, and more often than not, they get it all. Tom and Daisy are out for pleasure, but loner Jay Gatsby is looking for love after wasting his life for so many years.

Tom and Daisy Buchanan are not modest people. They know they are rich and

they flaunt it. They openly show off their wealth openly to Nick when he comes to visit. Money has taken over their lives and they know it. They are living the American Dream of money, power, and sophistication. Tom is described as a "hulking wad of muscle", which could mean that the Buchanans is a deciption of the corrupted rich families with money and power. Daisy is the sophisticate, for example, she is once described as wearing a "white evening gown". Her clothes are described in detail occasionally, and she has an outfit for every occasion. The Buchanans have money, power and sophistication but they do not know how to use it, so they splurge it on trips to tropical islands and fancy cars. They are indirectly described as the corrupted and immature 1% of America's population; for example,



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