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Amazon Case

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1. Why has succeeded online when so many other companies have failed? has succeeded online when other companies have failed, due to its willingness to embrace and adopt the latest technology. For Amazon, the latest internet technology has allowed the online business to offer products to consumers through fulfillment centers, which can save time for the customer and money for the seller. It has also allowed the company to bring new services to other retailers, like Target. Amazon is also able to compete in other industries, such as with books or music mp3s. The willingness to make the investment and seek out new ways to use it for profitability, and the desire to improve service to both vendors and consumers, helps contribute to the company's success. Essentially, innovation keeps the company expanding into new areas and allows for improved service. Innovation gives a company an advantage in key areas, such as convenience, selection, value for the price, brand strengthening, and usability (Nielsen, 2014).

Continuous innovation: The key to retail success. Retrieved June 23, 2014 from

2. Will the Kindle revolutionize the book industry? Why or why not?

Kindle has revolutionized the book industry to an extent, as online book options are becoming more popular with readers as consumers. An online reader and the ability to access books online, makes reading more convenient for those who want something more convenient and immediate that the library or bookstore.

However, the book industry is competitive and other online booksellers have emerged on the market. Barnes and Noble is the most notable competitor, with its version of the electronic reader, the Nook. There are also alternatives, such as accessing online books for download, through personal computers and tablets. Some of the new tablets are being made with larger screens, so that users can download and read electronic books. The competitive advantage that Kindle once realized is no longer as profitable as it was initially.

3. What's next for Is cloud computing the right direction for the company? Where else can it grow?

Cloud computing offers many new opportunities for Amazon. The company already provides web store management



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