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Affirmative Action

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Let's put ourselves in the shoes of a young man named Patrick Hamacher for a moment, you have worked very hard for the past three years and now you are a Sr. in High school. You have won the race and done everything you need pass and make sure that you graduate on time. Not a stellar student by any means but hey you deserve it just as much as anyone. On graduation day pomp and circumstance is being played, and all your classmates cross the stage with in amazing felling of accomplishment, but you have a feeling of bitterness towards some of them in your heart. You feel that some of the same people who you have grown up with and have gone to school with your whole life are being given an unfair advantage in the acceptance policies of a certain university that you just recently had been denied admission from. You feel that this thing called Affirmative action is not promoting the growth of minorities in this country but is promoting reverse racism towards you, a white male. You think to yourself why should this black kid get in to a school that I didn't when we had almost identical scores, what makes him special, I though that I had the advantage. Now I don't know for sure but I'm pretty close to positive that was going through Patrick Hamacher's head when he was denied admission to the undergraduate school of Michigan state University, and filed a class action law suite on October 14th 1997 opposing the constitutionality of the university's affirmative action policies.



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