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Affirmative Action

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Works Cited

Blanchard, F.A., and F.J. Crosby. Affirmative Action in Perspective. Recent Research in Psychology. New York: Springer-Verlag New York Inc., 1989.

This book has sixteen different views on affirmative action. And each view is different in it's own way. One view may describe what affirmative action is and the other speaks about affirmative action and the courts.

Roach, Ronald. "Clearly understanding the affirmative action debate." Black Issues in Higher Education May 1, 1997: v14 n5 p25 (2). Expanded Academic ASAP. October 20, 2001

In this article the author shows how affirmative action is a commanding issue in our nation's political life. He speaks about how people such as California Governor Pete Wilson and U.S. Senator Phil Gramm of Texas are leading the loudest attacks on affirmative action.

Elliott, Euel and Andrew I.E.,Ewoh. "THE EVOLUTION OF AN ISSUE: The Rise and Decline of Affirmative Action." Policy Studies Review Summer-Autumn 2000:p212. Expanded Academic ASAP. October 19, 2001

In this article many different views of affirmative action are being spoke about. There are issues such as Reverse discrimination in education, Social policy, Civil Rights movements, Gay liberation movement and Segregation in education. They compare the policies used back in the 50's and 60's to those used now in our day.

Lawrence III, Charles R. and Mari J. Matsuda. We Won't Go Back: Making the case for Affirmative Action Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997.

In this book there are a group of factual events that has happened in our history. These events are taken and now told through the author's point of view now.

H. Lee Sarokin et al., "Has Affirmative Action Been Negated? A Closer Look at

Public Employment" Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law Summer 2001:v22 i1 p268. Expanded Academic ASAP October 21, 2001

In this article the author examines the status of equal protection analysis of affirmative action in public employment. They begin by defending affirmative action as a necessary response to the continuing effects of discrimination. While acknowledging that affirmative action may stigmatize its beneficiaries, they contend that this effect is outweighed by the opportunities affirmative action provides.

Yates III, William T. "Equity management: affirmative action for the 21st century." Change March-April 1993:v25 n2 p40 (4). Expanded Academic ASAP October 20, 2001

In this article they speak about how affirmative action is a continuing need that equity management fills through positive management and leadership. Also how places such as The US Army, Xerox Corp, and Florida A&M University have all employed it with striking



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