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Affects of Computer Technology in Design

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Essay Preview: Affects of Computer Technology in Design

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Affects of Computer Technology in Design

In times when a ruler and a pencil and the obvious sheet or paper were the norm, now that norm for many areas of design are turning to technology and computer based programs and software to get the "job done", A design used to consist of many repeated steps to get a conceptual sketch or outline completed, before moving on to a full drawn out comp whether it was in ink pencil or full color and then a completed final piece was completed. This process took a good amount of time and work.

Now when a drawn design is required, it can be plotted out and constructed within a few hours of a concept being thought of in a designers head. Without the need for pencils pens or even paper in many cases, in this case the initial ideas and "sketches" if they can be called that can so closely resemble each other that any changes or additions that are to be made are just minor tweaks of a mouse.

For instance now Architects can plot out there building design which as of yet still start out in the traditional manner or paper drawings and sketches, but then go through a process that used to be and still is held for airplane 3D design work. The use of a program called CATIA (computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application)--an engineering application. The software plots designs on a geometric grid so that plasterers, metal fabricators and stonecutters have exact dimensions for their free-form work, this cuts an immense amount of time and inevitably money off of the process. Such technological ideas can be used nowadays in many other forms of design problems.



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