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Aeroplano Co. a Strategic Plan

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A Manufacturer of Paper Planes

A Strategic Plan

Presented to the

Center for Graduate Studies

Adventist University of the Philippines

In Partial Fulfilment

of the Requirements for the Course

BUAD515 Financial Management and Control

Submitted On

March 17, 2017 



A manufacturer of 3E paper planes since 1997 supplying various paper plane products for kid’s ages 4-10 years old.


AeroPlano Co.’s mission is to make Excellent quality, Eco-Friendly, and Educational paper planes.


To be the leading manufacturer of 3E paper planes in the Philippines by the year 2020

Core Values:

Excellence- superior quality

Collaboration- team work of all units

Integrity- strong work ethics


Key Result Areas (KRA) with Performance Indicators (PI)


1. Maintaining 40% market share at the end of the year.

2. Increase market share by 10% each year


1. Reduce wastage by 5%

2. Sales return by 5%

3. 100% calibrated equipment, checked for P.M

Human Resources:

1. Training and developing for enhancement of core competence

- 100% line and 50% staff per year


1. Generate 50M by the end of the year

2. Maintain 20% return



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