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Advertising in Schools

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During last weeks class we discussed advertising in schools. I believe this to be a very controversial subject. However, I'm not quite sure on what side of the issue I stand. Advertising in schools for corporations is a positive thing. It allows them to not only leave a lasting impression in the minds of children who may become long-term buyers of their product, but it also allows them to target students directly which is extremely beneficial. If an elementary school child is offered to drink soda to accompany their meals every day then they are more likely to opt to drink that same soda with their lunch even when they are out of school, maybe in a restaurant. Generally they don't have a wide variety of soda options in schools because soda companies such as Pepsi sign an exclusive contract with the school they are doing business with therefore the child doesn't have the option of drinking Coke or any of the Coca Cola Company's other products. Also, the company is usually allotted areas to put up banners such as in gyms and on football stadiums. In these contracts the company and the school both make out well. The school has another means of generating revenue and the soda company gains a means of obtaining patrons. Looking at it from this perspective I feel that advertising in schools is a good idea.

However on the other hand I feel that advertising in schools is detrimental to the children's learning process. It's bad enough that no matter where you go you are constantly bombarded by ads. Now the children can't even learn without being forced to see corporation's advertisements. The fact that you said your company was allowed to advertise pretty much anywhere in the school upset me. I believe that the schools should be a haven for the children where they can be enriched with an education and not have to be worried about being tainted with corporate advertisements.



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