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Adhd Awareness

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Jennifer Spence


June 12, 2018

Professor Palenque

ADHD Awareness

 A good time to reflect on progress and directions for future studies of ADHD is known as Awareness Week. People spread awareness for this disorder all around the world for so many different reasons whether it be for children or adults. “In 2004, a confluence of events culminated in the passage of a US Senate Resolution that declared the 3rd Wednesday of September to be National ADHD Awareness Day” (Wright, 2014). It is better for parents to know that ADHD may be part of their child’s life so they can help them; it is better for adults to know about their ADHD so they can arrange for appropriate accommodations in school or at work. There are many kids and adults who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD every year and they need to spread awareness on how to get treated or know what to do in difficult times.

Everything has causes and effects of what is going on and there are plenty of them in regards to Awareness Week. An effect of this is the difference between a child missing class because of disruptive behavior or being inattentive and a child succeeding in school.  Kids who have this disorder tend to struggle in school, have a problem with having a relationship with anyone, and struggle with low self-esteem. Children who are in preschool have shorter attention spans and are unable to stay with a certain activity for a long period of time. Older children have a different type of attention span but it all depends on their level of interest because if they are interested in something then they will pay attention and if they do not really care for something, they will not pay much mind to what is going on. A lot of issues in a child’s life can cause them to lose concentration and lead them in a different direction than paying attention to what they need to pay attention to. Children struggle in the classroom as it is and now adding this disorder to them does not help them succeed and that makes other kids, and even some adults, judge them for being different and that tends to make kids injure themselves.

An example of the Awareness Week is the one held in September, but the month is held in October. “Over the last two decades, many treatment advances have been made. Consider the following information with your school community to accurately address concern” (October is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, 2015 p. 11). There are many ways to spread awareness for ADHD. A few examples are holding a webinar, contact the organization in your area to hold different activities for ADHD Awareness Month, and not feeling limited to just the month of October. Keep spreading awareness and holding the activities throughout. “Ten years ago, in 2004, Senator Maria Cantwell and Senator Richard Durbin, with the help of ADDA and other organizations, co-sponsored senate resolution 370 recognizing ADHD as a major public health concern and declaring September 7, 2004, National Attention Deficit Disorder Day” (Wright, 2014).

Most people spread awareness by standing outside a certain building and hold up signs asking to help or showing that there is a place for them to get help. “As part of ADHD Awareness Month this October, CHADD is hosting a radio tour with celebrities and experts in the fields of ADHD, a social media campaign to promote awareness of ADHD and not just living with the symptoms of ADHD but becoming successful in live” (PR, 2013). They also put up flyers to get the word out about the event so people can come and help out and maybe volunteer to help these kids or adults. These trends seem to be working very well because a lot of people have been spreading the word and they have gotten a lot of help for the kids who have ADHD. “The education sector needs to raise awareness of ADHD so that support can be offered at the earliest opportunity, according to researchers from Cambridge University” (Greater ADHD awareness is needed to help treatment, 2006). Children will be delighted to know that there are so many good people in this world who are willing to help them have their voice heard.



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