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Attention-Deficint/ Hyperactivity Disorder (adhd)

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Essay Preview: Attention-Deficint/ Hyperactivity Disorder (adhd)

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Attention -Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a common behavioral disorder that affects 8 out of 10 "school-age" children. Both boys and girls are affected with this disorder, but boys are more than likely diagnosed with ADHD than girls. These children are not bad or misbehaved individuals', they are simply children that seek special therapy and medication to help control their behavior. But, providing the children with the proper medication and therapeutic care can easily control their behavior so that they may live normal lives as children.

The most common symptoms of ADHA are that the child will have difficulty with paying attention or concentrating, with these behavior malfunctions the child can't follow directions properly and become easily frustrated. They tend to move constantly and are impulsive, and act without having time to think before they act. Even though these behaviors are common in all children, but they occur more than usual and more severe in children with ADHD. These symptoms of ADHD in children of are generally grouped into three categories: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. Inattention effects the child's focus or attempt to listen to what is going around them, they tend to lose things and a tendency to daydream. The hyperactivity in the child cause the child to constantly squirm, fidget and has difficulty sitting still; which is commonly known as a sense of restlessness. The impulsiveness that occurs in ADHD is difficulty waiting on his/her turn, they often yell out responses before the question is completely answered. These are some of many characteristics that are common in children that are diagnosed with ADHD, some symptoms of ADHD are more severe that others; but majority of the cases are quiet similar when it comes to diagnosing the child with ADHD.

There is no exact cause of what causes ADHD, although there are different resources that study the human brain for clues, of what triggers this disorder. Some believe that it could be heredity; it could be fact that ADHD could run in the family, and that some tendencies could have been develop from their parents. Other experts believe an imbalance of brain chemicals neurotransmitters that transmit nerve impulses may be factor in the development of ADHD symptoms. While others believe that it could be from children with head injuries, particularly with concussions that could develop behavioral problems that may mimic ADHD. Along with mother's that have poor nutrition, infections and substance abuse; including cigarettes and alcohol usage during pregnancy. Exposure to toxins, such as leads and PCB's could easily harm brain



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