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Adaptive Leadership

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Unit 8 Leadership

Adaptive Leadership is a practical leadership framework that helps individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments. It is able, both individually and collectively, to take on the gradual but meaningful process of change.

Giving voice to values was the theme behind the first article for Adaptive Leadership (Moen, 2017). Adaptive leadership is a practical theory that helps individuals to adjust to challenging environments (Moen, 2017). Collectively change effects everyone with different results, adaptive leadership is a unique kind of leadership that focuses on influencing employees to address change (Moen, 2017). It has been stated that if something is not changing at FedEx, give it a day or two. In all seriousness change is inevitable and without change organizations are stale. According to William Pollard, “Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable,” (Brainy Quotes, 2018). FedEx is continually seeking advancement through change, and the adaptive leadership style requires their followers not to be afraid that grab the change and adhere to it with a positive attitude. Values are what followers hold dear to their heart and respect to the individual contributor which they should believe in to impose the beliefs of leadership according to this research.

The next research article reviewed adaptive leadership from an educational perspective. An adaptive leadership approach is focusing on both leader-follower relationships and any external issues affecting the change (Khan, 2017). Adaptive leadership allows institutions to adequately plan for change and consider those factors affecting the nature of the leadership relationship of the followers (Khan, 2017). The adaptive leader does not cause the move but can identify the change and the best favorable route to deal with the change (Khan, 2017). Mr. Kahn describes the adaptive leader as the one to help an organization navigate around external issues (Khan, 2017). In an organization like FedEx, the executive team is in control of the financial outcome of all departments. When policy and changes move down to a director or manager level, the manager is seeking to invoke the new switch and depending on the leader it collates to the follower's attitude. It is important to have buy-in from the team, and if leadership adapts then the followers are more likely to be positive about the changes.

The final research article is from a military perspective. Dr. Albano is a consultant for business leadership skills, and his research has shown that adaptive leadership encourages and builds upon the transitional and interactive relationships that exist among the people within an organization (Sharpe Jr., & Creviston, 2013). Making the team from



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