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Living Word Fellowship is the church I've gown up in and loved. There has been

many people who have been saved or redirected in their pathway with Jesus. As a family within the church, out group activities have dimmed to none. There is a family setting, but the family as a whole has the problem of connecting our youth t our elders. To fix the generational gap the church should have more group activities and outdoor events so that our elders and youth may grow closer as a family.

For many years our church was remembered as one of the most active churches in Guymon. As of the answer of why out activities stopped? One is not sure. Many of the Youth within our church have realized that the congregation has many differences in the form of you and elders thoughts on one another. To fix the problem the Youth believes that more activities joining the church will be our best action.

Group activities would consist of box socials, Church lunches, and dinner with a hay ride. Many of these activities that are mentioned the church has performed in the past. Out problem within the solution, isn't us finding the location or the money, the problem is getting the idea that there is a problem into the churches mind. The motivation within our church to do something active is the problem.

Group activities within out church would help the church grow and mature. The Group activities in mind would be: Heartland Shares, Red Cross activities, and The Relay For Life. My solution is to get the church interacted in one of these activities and the church would get back into out normal active lifestyle.

My Solution is to present this paper to my church. The feelings will arise as they notice that even the Youth care about out relationship as a family. The gap between elders and teens will mend. Our activities will pick up and out church will prosper.



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