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Hr Activities

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These are some of the general activities which I have thought. We can even keep some of these activities in BLITZ also. Two of my friends also helped me in thinking of these activities.

Mirror Writing:

Participant will be given a sentence and he/she has to write that sentence in the same manner as it appears in the mirror without looking in the mirror.

Couple Entry

A couple (one male and one female) will look into each other eye without blinking. Couple with maximum duration will win.

CONDITION: - One Male and One Female


A small sentence will be given and a participant has to speak that sentence in different moods. Like when he/she is happy or angry or when he/she has to propose, etc.

Burst the Balloons with your ASS

Balloons will be there in one place. Participant has to pick the balloon, bring it and burst it by sitting on it on the chair.

Blind Folded

Participant will be blindfolded and he/she will be asked to place BINDI on the forehead of some celebrity poster within the encircled circle (Katrina Kaif , Rakhee Sawant)

Dare to Drink

Here we have to charge entry of rs.5 or Rs.10. Participant has to drink PEPSI or THUMS UP in 15 to 20 seconds.


* Anyone having a photo of his/her parent at that particular time.

* Anyone having a foreign currency at that particular time.

* 25 paisa, 10 rs. new coin

* Anyone having a cell number ending with 420 or 420 in between.



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