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Action Steps: Ontela Picdeck

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Action Steps: Ontela Picdeck needs to understand and analyze the quantitative data provided which allows us to see that cluster 1 should be heavily targeted and marketing should initially be concentrated in either sports magazines or websites because according to the questionnaires this is an area that interests the group of people in this group. This can be an initial method based on the cluster analysis data which tells us about a potential customer's needs, their interest in the new technology, and their willingness to pay for the service. Cluster 1 is interested in the technology and demonstrates that they need this as a potential service. Likewise, once this is implemented within a short amount of time Cluster 3 is another potential market that should be given attention because of the median age of this group being young and their weight value on having Picdeck in order to share and send pictures via email and social sites. Between these two clusters they make almost 50% of the total respondents and is a great stepping stone in rolling out Picdeck within a large enough population but equally important a population segment which can provide positive results. In the long term and once results come in in regards to the first two clusters changes could be made such as possibly a lower price because initially a large investment has to be made in order to have a business or service kickoff and with time lower costs the service could be within everyone's reach. The other clusters can also be targeted because they do have areas where there is the business opportunity potential however once Picdeck implementation is perfected and successfully results are seen it will be able to advertise in different venues and it will attract customers in other clusters.



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