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Acknowledgement Case

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Habib Khan



Teachers have always been of great inspiration for our group. They helped us to understand this topic and guided us to complete in a better way. They provided us all possible assistance in order to tackle the hurdles.

The co-operation of staff of I.A.S. and PEARL CONTINENTAL was great. Without their co-operation we were unable to collect this much information. We are also thankful to our seniors Dilawer Mughal, Usman and others who helped us a lot in completion of this assignment.


It is dedicated to those who killed their children only because of hunger and those who make the creation of Pakistan possible.


Through the courtesy of the Prof. Shela Shoaib we got the opportunity to a glance of this extensive topic Pearl Continental.

It was very difficult to sum up the vast information we

have tried our best to make this report comprehensive

and apprehensive


Lahore Pearl continental hotel is one of the best hotels in Lahore. 250+ rooms in their old Mall wing and 200 Rooms in the new Atrium wing. The hotel is equipped with all amenities of a 5 star hotel. PC is a 5 Star Deluxe hotel centrally located in the heart of Lahore. The Hotel is 5 minutes drive away from the central city and 25 minutes away from Allama Iqbal International Airport. Main attraction for visitors to Lahore are Lahore Fort, Mughlai Badshahi Mosque, Mughlai Shalimar Gardens, Polo Club, Gymkhana Golf Course, Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore Museum, Quaid-e-Azam Library and Race Course Park which are within 10 km radius of the Hotel. Strategically located in the heart of Lahore ,The hotel caters to the business and leisure needs of local and international


The Hashwani Group (owner of PC) is a well known business house of Pakistan with interests in commodities, hotels, and textiles industrial minerals and agricultural. It also represents several international companies in PakistanThe Hashwani Group's commitment to excellence, attention to detailed and personalized services ensure a loyal guest list. The hotel facilitates the guests with state of the arte Health club, Business center with Internet access round the clock. Business floors about 70% higher rate offer Computer Hi speed internet 29 inch tv in the room. .


As Every body is familiar with the name of Pearl Continental. It has a well-known and established position in the hotel industry.

Presently Hashwani or Hashoo group owns it. This group has maintained and improved the position of Pearl Continental. Initially, Pearl Continental was started with a title PSL (Pakistan Service Limited). An organization named as Intercontinental, which was consisted of PPIA & International 's group at that time Hashoo Group had a major share in international Group and so they played an influential role for the betterment of Pakistan services Limited (PSL). Intercontinental management was given with this opportunity to operate this contract to manage the business of this hotel. Pakistan Service Limited had started its business with one nineteen eighty rooms, &two Restaurants at Lahore. During this period, Hashoo group performed effective jobs for the development of PSL. As we know that era of sixties to eighties considers being on era of development and progress. Investments were made on these projects and the competition and quality was improving day by day. Hashoo group contributed a lot in terms of time, experience and their performance in order to develop integrity of Pakistan Services Limited. With the passage of time, they raised their share in this hotel. When in 1985, this contract was expired; Hashoo group owned this hotel and renamed kit as Pearl Continental. At this time, this was entirely owned by local groups and no foreign organization was. Refurbishment was held of the property and effective steps were taken to further develop this hotel. So in 1988, the foundation stone was build for the extension of the building. This was a huge project and required a lot of supervision management and finance for the completion of this project. Finally, with the help of management and construction team this project was completed in February 1997.Now it has two seven rooms which includes Deluxe rooms & Suites.

Restaurants are named as, Marco Polo café, Taipan, Bukhara, Dumpukht, Nadia. Tea lounge and Pavilion Ice Café.


If location is really the key to success, Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore offers national and international retailers just that.

Shops are in different sizes and are centrally air conditioned with individual controls. Display windows and door consist of minimum four beveled glass panes with teak with mounting. Display windows have uniform halogen lighting. The installed gypsum board ceiling is provided with electrical power points and can be modified according to display and decorative needs.

Electricity is being provided with separate meter. The hotel's prime generator plant provides 100% back up in case of power failure or load shedding. Preparation for Telephone connection is provided, however the lines are to be obtained by the tenant.

Hotel is equipped with the latest technology in fire detection and alarm system. An experienced and full fledge security department is looking after the interest of all.A tea and coffee making facility is at the disposal of the tenants on the Lawn level. Separate washrooms for the staff are provided on the Lawn level of Arcade as well.

Cultural Center



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