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Accounting Case

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The Crisis Team that I participated in was Pella, with Zack, Anna, Tyler, and Sean. I think all and all, everyone did a great job on their parts of the presentation and thinking on their toes to answer questions at the end. I would say that the best part of the presentation was showing our "commercial" to the class. It seemed like everyone really enjoyed it because it was, in a way, a comic relief. I would say the worst part of the presentation was when I forgot my lines for a couple of seconds! I completely blanked out, but I was so glad that I was able to get right back to the presentation after I had to think hard about my next line. I really hope the group grade doesn't fall because of my mistake!

Starting with Zach, I would rate him a 10. He had the ability to think on his toes at the end of the presentation. We were all pretty nervous to present and might have been a tad thrown off by the questions; so, he stood up as a leader and was able to maintain composure. He also did a great job being filmed in our commercial. I would say his only weakness was that he might have gotten a little bit sassy during the questions.

Next, I would rate Anna a 10. She might have been the most nervous out of all us to present and she also had to go first, so I was really impressed with her that she could keep herself calm during her part. Also, she was really easy to work with on the PowerPoint (which was what we contributed to this project). I would say Anna's weakness (which is not a very bad one) was that because she was so nervous, she wanted to choose the easiest part of the project to present.

Then, I would rate Tyler a 10. I think Tyler's best strength is presenting himself in a positive, enthusiastic way. I think he was the least monotonous one of us during the presentation. I would say his weakness was not answering a question at the end. Since he is so comfortable presenting and because he had a fair amount of knowledge of the company's research, I would have liked to see him answer a question instead of having Zach and Sean take over.

Finally, I would rate Sean a 10. After everyone sent him their parts of the report, he put the entire report together and it turned out great! He was also very good on his toes about answering questions at the end. I would say his weakness would be that he tended to repeat himself while answering the questions, but I cannot really pin that just



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