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About My Great Padrino

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About My Great Padrino

My padrino name is Guillermo "Mero" Montes, number 49 crossed Sigma Lambda Beta in the spring of 2002 (Pi Line) with six other line brothers and he was number six in the line. He was born in 1982, from Mexico, he his 22 years of age. He is a Biology major graduating may, 05. While he was pledging he ended up with a 4.0gpa I personally don't know how he did it but I do admire him and congratulate him on his success. He plans to go to medical school at Baylor school of medicine in the medical centre Houston Texas. He is not a sensitive person at all very funny and easy to get along with but he also has is bad days and those days I pretty cannot stand is gut but later on in the process I understand the reason why he was like that, he wasn't out there to baby me, he wanted to make me a really solider which I do appreciate it. I remember the day he went off on me in the game I could not believe it I was so scared thought I was day dreaming those are going to be memories for life.

I must say he loves girl so much, no attached girl friend but has many friends with benefits and makes them belief he wants to be with them. I am just like that because I don't need any serious commitment at present, though I must commend him on his studies he takes it so serious spend sleepless night in library studying for exams. I remember once I studied with him and after I got done ready to leave he sign my study hours and told me he I have a surprise. I was curios I checked it up only to find zero hours of study I thought it was a joke but apparently he was serious. Right now he works for a dentist on the weekends. He has a Cingular phone same as I do but never picks up my phone I wonder why he does that, well he knows best. "Like he always says there is a reason for behind everything"

He lives with his line Brother Roberto "Quilo" Luna and John "Congo" Diaz they are all very close and talk crazy to each other. I feel like they have known each other forever but apparently not. Big Brother Mero is an hard working person knows when to play and went to get serious I found that out this yesterday he told me where is my phone call? and I smiled but he kept his game face on. Sometimes I feel like I don't really know this guy because he has different personality. He also can read people's mind that I can't do very well but am getting there.



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