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Essay Preview: Abortion

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Abortion is the immoral way of ending pregnancy by emptying the uterus with special instruments. May young and older women look towards abortion, when they either don't want or can't have the baby (due to economic or other reasons). The question is whether or not abortion is right or wrong? I personally think abortion is wrong but if there is an absolutely good reason for it, it may have to be done.

One may believe that abortions are wrong because in the Ten Commandments the 6th one is "Thou shall not kill", and basically the act is the killing of an unborn baby. Many churches believe that abortions should be outlawed, while many believe that it shouldn't. If pregnancy isn't wanted one should practice safe sex and the main thing to avoid pregnancy ABSTINENCE.

Abstinence is the act of not having sex. If sex is not being done pregnancy will not occur there is no possible way of becoming pregnant. Although one may not be stable when married, the best thing to do is have sex when married. That is also what the church wants people to do wait until marriage, and procreation is intended. If this is done there would no unwanted pregnancy and there would be no reason for abortions. No one actually has the right to kill anyone, and that's what their doing is not allowing one the right to live.

This may sound hypocritical but on the other hand I believe there are acceptable reasons for having an abortion. For example if there is a young woman 14 years of age, and she is promiscuous and having unprotected sex, and she gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion she is wrong. The reason she is wrong is because she knows the consequences of that and is still having unsafe sex. If she was using her brain and knew not to be having unsafe sex there would be no reason for her to have an abortion. While on the other hand an acceptable reason would be if one was rape and due to this became pregnant. The woman may not want to go along with the pregnancy along with the trauma of getting raped and know that she may be an unfit mother. There are other reasons like maybe if one was having protected sex and the condom broke, and she knows that she wouldn't be able to provide for the child.

In conclusion having an abortion is a sin, and the bible says another that takes away the life of another human will be sent to hell. To avoid being immoral just practice abstinence it's the smartest



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