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Abortion or Adoption

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There has long existed a standing debate about whether women should have an abortion or put their children up for adoption. The people who argue against abortions say that the procedure represents the intentional murder of an unborn child. In their eyes, you take away the rights of that person by eliminating them before they even have a chance at life. The other side states that some men and women will not make good parents. They feel that if the mother and father of the child think that they will harm the child in some way because they cannot take care of it or if they feel that the mother cannot survive childbirth, then those parents have the authority to say that they don't want to have the child. In short, they say that they have the authority to decide what happens to the child whether it has reached birth or not. These people feel that abortions are right, because it provides an easy way out of parenthood and the attached responsibility.

Personally, I view abortions as being completely unnecessary and furthermore, inhumane. I think that every child should have a chance at life, no matter how short it may turn out. Some people say that there will always be cases where a child doesn't have a chance because some cruel twist of fate prevents them from surviving until birth. Well, being aware of that, I don't think that people should play God and make the conscious decision to kill a baby. A person should become responsible, mature, and emotionally stable before they even consider putting themselves in a position where parenthood could potentially become an issue. When a person becomes a parent, whether a mother or father, that begins at the moment of conception. I believe at that moment, a person becomes responsible for the well being of the child or children as such. That means taking care of the child with every action that you make. It certainly does not include deciding that abortion provides the easy way out of a difficult situation.

Our criminal justice system puts people away in jail for life if we kill another human being. That being the case, how can anyone justify killing a completely defenseless child, which defines abortion perfectly. Every person in the world deserves a chance at life, liberty, and happiness, to quote the constitution. So, why don't our children deserve the same thing?

The majority



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