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Abortion: A Constitutional Right

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The First Amendment of the United States Constitution states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press..." As stated in the document that protects the rights and freedoms that this country was founded on, a citizen of the United States is entitled to do what they wish with their body in regards to abortion; Pro-choice is not only a constitutional right of freedom, choice, religion, and speech, but if it were to be taken away, women would resort to illegal, unsafe abortions.

The United States is known for being the "Land of the Free;" Many countries envy the freedom that Americans hold. One of the basic rights and freedoms that Americans hold is freedom of choice. Freedom of choice allows citizens of the United States to make decisions regarding their life, and their future. If congress were to make a law against abortion, if they were to make it illegal, it would be a breech of the constitutional rights that American's embrace. Only the woman that was carrying the child should be able to make the decision based on her own conscious. The only valid reasons that congress has to support their argument in regards to making abortion illegal are based upon religion. It is unconstitutional for a person to force their morality upon another person.

Another valid point for keeping abortion legal is that, if it were in fact to be illegal, many women would still do it. However, they would resort to unsafe, "back alley chop shop" abortions. These types of abortions are unsafe, unsanitary, and many result in the death or the mutilation of a woman. Like many other illegal things, people still partake in them; just as if abortion were to be made illegal, if a woman saw it fit for her to have an abortion, she would get one. With all legalities beside the point, it is ignorant for someone to say that they think that they could completely wipe out abortion.

In conclusion, abortion should be the choice of no one except the woman carrying the "child." Due to the basic rights and freedoms that Americans hold, it is unconstitutional to decide what someone else should do with their life.



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