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A Value of a College Education

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It cannot be emphasized enough to people that a college education is the only way of getinng a good paying job that will let one live comfortablely. A college education has become more important than a high school diploma within last ten years according to a recent study (Immerwahr & Foleno, 2000). In fact, at one time a high school diploma was a way to get a good job and reach a middle-class lifestyle and college education was usually a way to get to even higher economic standards. Now higher education is seen necessary for economic and personal growth. "Higher education is increasingly seen as essential for economic mobility, and the focus is not just the credential but on the personal growth, skills and perspective that students take away from college education (Immerwahr, 2000)." College education is viewed necessary for developing individuals maturely and teaching them how to work well with others.

"Higher education is important to all Americans but it is especially important African American and Hispanic parents, who are significantly more likely to emphasize higher Education than either white parents or the population as a whole (Immerwahr, 2000)." This is primarily because minorities feel that because they are already the "underdog" that they have to achieve higher standards in order to be seen as an equal or prospective candidate for a job.

While many careers do not require a college education it has been know that with that education positions in management are more favorable. "Of the total job openings between 2000 and 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that 70 percent will require no postsecondary education (Cohen and Besharov, 2002)." Many high school graduates have trouble finding good paying jobs that offer improving their status in society; therefore a college education will open that opportunity to improve their social status. A college education might not be the ideal option for everyone. Some people might already know what sort of career they want, so a trade school or art school would be a better choice for them.



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